Personalised Silver Cufflinks

A beautiful pair of personalised silver cufflinks make the perfect gift to mark a special occasion, anniversary or milestone in life. Our engraver is one of the best in the country and has been adding that personal touch for our customers for over 15 years. We use hand engraving because the results are so much more pleasing and balanced than machine engraving which is rather shallow and lacks flair.

personalised crest hand engraved silver cufflinks hand engraved silver cufflinks hand engraved monogramsilver cufflinks hand engraving on silver cufflinks

The process of hand engraving and the tools and skills used have changed little in the last three hundred years. And because all our engraving is done by hand we can usually accommodate most requests. We can engrave different dates or initials on the two cufflink faces and we can even engrave on the reverse or 'hidden' faces for something more discrete. We can even engrave on the edges of cufflinks where the thickness allows. More information and examples of our workmanship can be found on our engraving page.

We can also hand engrave family crests on our cufflinks and our engraver is something of a heraldic expert! Just email for details using our contact form and we will get back to you with details.

Here are some of our most popular designs for engraving. There are a few ready-made engraving options on the individual pages for each design but if you have something different in mind just drop us a line


Oval silver cufflinks with engraved border
Engraved Border Silver Cufflinks With Swivels £140.00 - Sold Out
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chunky sterling silver cufflinks
Solid Square Silver Engraved Cufflinks from £110.00
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