Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Solid silver cufflinks are what we do best here at English Cufflinks. It's a beautifully soft metal to work with taking a high polish easily but also developing its own character or 'patina' with age and wear.

Sterling silver

Is an alloy, a mix of 92.5% pure silver to 7.5% of other metals, mostly copper to improve the strength of the metal. We have all of our silver work hallmarked in the UK to guarantee it's purity and value.

We have divided up our silver designs into a few categories to help you find the perfect pair for your needs.

First up are what we call the classics. These are timeless cufflinks. Usually, plain shapes which can be worn at formal or everyday occasions. They are also the designs that lend themselves particularly well for engraving. We have a large range of classic cufflinks to choose from on our Classics page.

Then we come on to our engraved cufflinks for something a little more personalised. Full alphabet available on our initials cufflinks page. These are often bought as special gifts for relations, bridegrooms or the members of a wedding party.

Then we have a range of more representational silver cufflinks. Subtle designs to remind the wearer of a life outside of work! These can be a great way of celebrating a birthday, graduation or retirement.

Whatever design you choose you can be sure of attention to detail and impeccable quality of finish. We make most of our designs in our own workshops so we can keep a keen eye on all the processes that go into making the perfect pair of cufflinks. Casting, stamping, lapping, filing and polishing silver to perfection

All of our own Silver Cufflinks are made in the UK:

silver oval cufflinks
Classic Oxford Engraved Oval Cufflinks With Chains from $156.00
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Oval silver cufflinks with engraved border
Engraved Border Silver Cufflinks With Swivels $175.00 - Sold Out
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domed oval cufflinks
Domed Oval Silver Cufflinks $156.00 - Sold Out
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Rectangle chain cufflinks
Classic Rectangular Cufflinks With Chains from $156.00
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M initial cufflink
Personalised Solid Silver Initial M Cufflinks $74.00
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P initial cufflink
Personalised Solid Silver Initial P Cufflinks $74.00
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W initial cufflink
Personalised Solid Silver Initial W Cufflinks $74.00
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A initial cufflink
Personalised Solid Silver Initial A Cufflinks $74.00
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silver cycling cufflinks
Cycling Cufflinks $145.00
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Silver trout cufflinks
Satin Solid Silver Fly Fishing Cufflinks $138.00
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Treble clef silver cufflinks
Treble Clef cufflinks from English Cufflinks $148.00
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Sterling silver trumpet cufflinks from English Cufflinks
Trumpet Cufflinks $244.00 - Sold Out
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Oval fern cufflinks
Oval fern cufflinks $135.00
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Square fern cufflinks
Square fern cufflinks $123.00
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Cycling Pendant
Cycling Pendant $98.00
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