Hand Engraved silver Cufflinks

Engraved Cufflinks have always been seen as the perfect gift for birthdays, christenings, retirements, graduations or any occasion where it is important to give a really personal token of your love or respect. They show that you care enough to have them 'made to measure'. A pair of personalised silver cufflinks should last a lifetime.

Our hand engraver is one of the very best in the country and has been engraving our cufflinks for over ten years. The results are always perfect. Unlike machine engraving, he arranges the letters within the space using his experience and judgment. This results in a far more balanced and pleasing result. Hand engraving also achieves a much deeper cut than a machine which merely scratches the surface. Our hand engraved cufflinks are made to last....

A number of our cufflinks are suitable for engraving. Most of them can be found in our Classic Collection. There are various options for engraving on the individual cufflink pages. Simply select the options you prefer for style and positioning and then enter as much information as you wish for us in the text boxes. The price will automatically be displayed when an option is selected and can be changed so that you are happy before placing your order. Engraving takes about a week but if you have left it a bit late its always worth dropping us a line. If we can help out we will.

We offer Four basic styles of engraving for initials; script monogram (where the letters are slightly intertwined), separate script, block and italic block. So here are a few examples of these four styles on various cufflink designs:

Script Monogram (the letters are slightly overlapped)

  Engraved border chain cufflinks personalised silver cufflinks


Separate Script

 engraved borders  





Italic Block



The combinations are endless and because all our engraving is carried out by hand we can mix initials with dates, with symbols, with numbers, with Roman numerals... the list goes on. So here are a few more examples for inspiration:




This is how we define the different surfaces of our cufflinks:

Fronts - The two surfaces facing away from the body when being worn

Backs - the two surfaces facing in towards the body when being worn

Reverse sides - The surfaces sitting against the shirt. Completely secret and unseen when being worn


If the options we offer do not quite cover what your have in mind or if you would like us to engrave more complex designs like family crests just call on 01823 400 535 or use our online contact form.